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Why VPBank?

Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (formerly known as Vietnam Joint-Stock Commercial Bank for Private Enterprises) was established on 12 August 1993. After 22 years of operation, VPBank has increased its charter capital to VND8,056 billion, raised the number of transaction points to over 208, and had a workforce of more than 12,400 employees.

As one of the earliest-established Joint-stock Commercial banks in Vietnam, VPBank has achieved steady development throughout its history. Especially since 2010, VPBank has grown dramatically with the development and implementation of the strategic transformation program diligently with support from one of the world’s leading consulting companies.

The support for the implementation of the above strategy is the VPBank corporate culture which is nurtured and built on six core values:Customer Focus; Productivity; Ambition; People Development; Trust; Make the Difference.

The achievements of this transition period have determined the right strategy, with the positive changes of image, service quality, professionalism, etc. The trust of customers for VPBank has also strengthened by the constantly increasing number of new customers and capital mobilization. More importantly, VPBank is becoming a desirable destination for talent in the banking and finance industry. This key element has been, and will become VPBank’s strategic weapons in the journey towards becoming one of the 5 leading joint-stock commercial banks, and one of the 3 leading retail joint-stock commercial banks in Vietnam by 2017

Join VPBank, you will experience a great opportunity to work in our professional environment with ‘Customer Focus’ and ‘Trust’ orientation. With more than 7.000 employees with various positions from back office to front office, we all have our clients and the priority of every position is to gain their reliance and commitment. Your contribution will be the measure of our organization’s success.  

We provide ‘not just a Job, but a Career’. ‘People Development’ is chosen to be one of the most important corporation’s strategy. We create product training courses and give on-the-job training for newcomers & employees as well as organize many exciting internal activities to connect people. Ambitious and eager to thrive, we also have bonus & rewards to recognize best-sellers and excellent employees.

VPBank is becoming a desirable destination for talent in the banking and finance industry. You will receive great support from your colleagues and managers with modern technology facilities. We believe that the strength raises from within, thus we create a diverse but unified, proactive and flexible working environment for enhancing our ‘productivity’.  

Make the difference’, you can shine bright!

Usually when thinking about the banking environment, you would think and imagine bankers are serious, stress, pressure people and always associated with numbers.

But at VPBank, VPBanker will change your mind. We are not only professional but also is very innocent, funy, and proactive, no power distance.







  • Credit Card Initiative of the Year – Vietnam by Asian Banking & Finance Magazine (ABF)
  • "Best Customer Service Bank Vietnam 2016" and "Best Mobile Banking Application Vietnam 2016" by Global Banking and Finance Review Magazine
  • Best Mobile Banking Application Vietnam 2016 award by Global Banking Finance & Review.


  • High Growth Rate in Trade Business Award by the US – based Wells Fargo Bank.
  • Ranked in VNR500 Charts, ranked 68th in 500 biggest Vietnamese company and rank 14th in 500 biggest Vietnamese private enterprises.
  • Best Innovation In Retail Banking by International Banker magazine
  • Best Commercial Bank of The Year 2015 by International Banker magazine
  • Best Practices Award by TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute)
  • SME of the year 2015 by Asian Banking and Finance (ABF) magazine
  • Best Banking Product 2015 by Global Banking and Finance Review magazine
  • Best Internet Bank 2015 by Global Banking and Finance Review magazine


  • Vietnam Value Award 2014
  • Outstanding performance of Straight-Through-Process by the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon)
  • Best Commercial Bank Vietnam 2014 by the International Finance Magazine
  • Best Banking Product Vietnam 2014 (with VP Lady Card) by Global Banking and Finance Review
  • Best Trade Finance Bank Vietnam 2014 by Global Banking and Finance Review


  • Certificate of Merit by the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam for outstanding contributions to completing banking tasks in 2011-2012
  • Most Innovative Retail Bank Vietnam Award 2013 by Global Banking and Finance Review 
  • Customers’ Trusted Brands Award 2013 by the Intellectual Property Association of Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon Enterprise network
  • Typical Brand Award 2013 by the Institute of SMEs Research and Development, and  Vietnam Business Council


  • STP Award 2012 by the Bank of New York Mellon (U.S.)
  • Vietnam Value Award 2012
  • Vietnam Strong Brand 2012
  • Most Satisfactory Banking Services Award by Vietnam Economic Times readers
  • Award for the Best Agency in Outbound Growth – Award for the Best in Network Growth, Award for Highest Rate of Service Activation by Western Union
  • Straight - Through - Processing (STP) Award by Wells Fargo 


  • Straight - Through - Processing (STP) Award by Citibank, Bank of New York
  • Enterprise for Community Award, Entrepreneur for Community Award, Products-Services For Community Award
  • Top 100 Most Trusted Vietnamese Products/Services
  • Vietnam Strong Brand
  • Top 500 Biggest Enterprises in Vietnam
  •  Top 500 Enterprises with Biggest Growth in Vietnam

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    Pros: Join VPBank, you will experience a great opportunity to work in our professional environment with ‘Customer Focus’ and ‘Trust’ orientation.

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